Frequently Asked Questions

What is NuvIoT?
NuvIoT is an End to End Development Environment for building Industrial strength IoT Applications.

How do I get Started?
A great place to get started is our Getting Started Page on our Support Network.

How can I get Support?
You can visit our Support Network to access our Support Services such as a forum, add a support ticket, visit our help files or join our chat network.

Why is NuvIoT different than Node Red?
Node Red is an excellent tool for prototyping, and processing incoming messages. NuvIoT is an end to end solution that allows for building sophisitcated applications that includes things like managing user accounts, a robust API, device repositories, security and mobile apps. In fact if you have a Node Red flow that does specific message processing, we have integration planned to bring in those flows so you can have the best of both worlds!

Why is NuvIoT different than cloud services such as Azure, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Service etc..?
Those are great set of infrastructure components that can be used to build solutions, in fact our platform will run on many of those components. NuvIoT is a SaaS (Software as a Solution) development tool platform that will allow you to build end to end solutions where the focus is more on configuration and less on coding.

How much does it cost?
You can get started for free. You can create up to 5 development instances that we will keep online as long as you login to our web site. When it’s time to go to production, you pay for only what you use. We offer complete solutions for as little as $99 a month. See our Pricing Page for more information

What do you mean by Config More Code Less?
In any IoT application there are a number of common components. With our data driven architecture you will be surprised with how much of your application you’ll be able to bring online by simply configuring our core components. If/when you do hit a dead end, don’t worry you’ll still be able components you have created with your favorite language.

What devices does NuvIoT work with?
By Definition NuvIoT was designed to work with your devices. Unlike other system, NuvIoT doesn’t dictate that you need to install an SDK or conform to a specified protocol. We know that you may have a large investment in your devices and our system is configurable to pick your communications protocol and specify your own unique message definitions.

Is it Secure? Bottom Line - Yes! NuVioT implements many layers of security that are architected in to the core. See our security overview for more information.

What is an Attribute?
An attibute is a peice of data that is associated with a device through a device configuration.