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Azure Event Hubs

You can provide a link to your Azure Event Hub to consume messages. This will allow you to use your own front end to capture the events and use NuvIoT to process messages and perform workflows.

You must have an Azure Account and a configured Event Hub.

If you need help getting started, Contact Us and we will put you in touch with one of our implementation partners to help you get going.

The next steps assume that you have been able to successfully Create an Event Hub and have access to the necessary credentials.

First, create a Listener and select the Listener Type of Event Hub.

Required Fields

In addition to the standard fields that are required for any listener, the following fields are required:

  • Listener Type (required)
    Azure Event Hub

  • Content Type (required)
    Select the Content Type of the message that you are expecting. All Content Types are acceptable.

  • Host Name (required)
    The Host Name of the Event Hub Resource you created in Azure. For example in sb://myeventhub.servicebus.windows.net the Host Name would be myeventhub.servicebus.windows.net

  • Hub Name (required)
    The name of the specific Event Hub you wish to listen on.

  • Access Key (required)
    The Primary or Secondary Key to allow access to your Event Hub. No keys are stored in plain text and after it is saved it will not be displayed in the UI.

Optional Fields

  • Access Key Name
    Enter a custom Policy/Access Key name where applicable. If you leave this blank, the default will be: RootManageSharedAccessKey

  • Consumer Group
    If you wish to listen in on a specific Consumer Group, enter it here. If this is left blank, you will connect to the [$Default] Consumer Group.