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MQTT Client

If you have your own dedicated MQTT Broker, you can establish a connection to it, and monitor it for incoming messages.

Required Fields

In addition to the standard fields that are required for any listener, the following fields are required:

  • Listener Type (required)
    MQTT Client

  • Content Type (required)
    Select the content type of the message you are expecting, any content types are acceptable.

  • Host Name (required)
    URL or IP address where your MQTT server is hosted.

  • Anonymous Connection
    Select this option if your MQTT server does not require authentication.

  • User Name (required if not anonymous)
    User Name with access privileged to your MQTT Broker.

  • Password (required if not anonymous)
    Password with access privileges to your MQTT Broker.

  • Connect with SSL/TLS
    Select this option if your server supports SSL/TLS.

  • Connect to Port (required)
    The port that will be used to connect to your server, usually 1883 or 8883 for SSL/TLS.

  • Subscriptions (required)
    You must provided at least one subscription to listen for messages.
    Each Subscription must contain a a topic with wildcards as supported by your MQTT server such as # and + where:

    • + (plus) can substitute for exactly one word

    • # (hash) can substitute for zero or more words

    In addition each subscription must have a Quality of Service specified.