IoT is all about Devices and the Cloud communicating. These conversations are made up of Messages that share data and initiate actions. They generally consist of four parts:

  • Device ID - which specific Device sent the message

  • Where the message is being sent to device configuration????????

  • Message ID - what type of message is being sent

  • Payload - the data or value being sent

Messages are formatted in the NuvIoT Studio as independent objects which means that a single [Message ID] may be used in a variety of situations. If using an off the shelf Device Type (which is a pre-constructed unit with sensors and control boards), you will probably not have the ability to change the message format.


The Heat Sensing Conveyor Belt owned by Plymouth Manufacturing began to overheat. It sent a message to the Cloud stating that HSBelt0012, it’s ID number, was sending a message to the Cloud with a temperature reading of 120 degrees.