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Type System

To ensure consistent and repeatable workflows and processing of your device messages, there is a core type system that has been defined.

As messages are parsed and data is made available, a type is associated with those values to ensure that processing works as expected.

Available Types

Strongly Typed Named Value Pairs - How data is stored in our system.

String - Simple textual representation of data
Integers - Whole numbers (1,-1, 100, 0, etc.)
Decimals - Numbers with a decimal (1.42, 523.4, -53.5, etc.)
Boolean - True or false values
Date and Time - Contains date and time values
Geolocations - Represents a latitude and longitude value
States and Enumerations - Represents a set of variables that can be used to constrain a value (On/Off, etc.)
Values with Units - Represents a Decimal Value that has a unit attached. The unit can have multiple conversion factors.