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Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus is a good choice for listening for incoming messages, it will allow incredible scale. For this option, your devices will communicate directly with Azure Service Bus and NuvIoT will subscribe to that bus to receive messages. Once the message is received, it can participate in the standard NuvIoT Procssing Pipeline, including the Device ID and Message Parsers.

Required Fields

In addition to the standard fields that are required for any listener, the following fields are required:

  • Listener Type (required)
    Azure Service Bus

  • Content Type (required)
    Select the Content Type of the message that you are expecting. All Content Types are acceptable.

  • Host Name (required)
    The Host Name of the Service Resource you created in Azure. For example in sb://myeventhub.servicebus.windows.net the Host Name would be myeventhub.servicebus.windows.net

  • Queue (required)
    The name of the Service Bus Queue to listen on.

  • Access Key Name (required)
    Enter the name of the Access Key. It is important that your key has listen permissions.

  • Access Key (required)
    Enter the assigned Access Key for your IoT Hub that was specified in the Access Key Name section. Your Access Key will not be saved in plain text and will not be displayed when editing.