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A Solution is constructed when a Planner, custom settings, and one or more Listener and Device Configurations are combined. It provides instructions on what messages to read and how to process them. When a Solution is published or deployed in the Cloud, it will become a working Deployment Instance.

  • Custom Settings

    Custom settings can be created and used after the Solution has been deployed as a Deployment Instance based on how the Device is used. For example, a group of conveyor belts moving rocks may need to move at a slower speed than another group moving cotton. Or perhaps a smaller version of a pool heater is being created that will need to run more often. These changes may be made using Custom Settings.

  • Versioning

    Changes may be made to a Solution and saved as Versions. Each separate version may be published as an independent Deployment Instance. This is helpful if an update to a solution is published and a bug is found within it. A previous version may be released in its place.


A Solution was created for the Heat Sensing Conveyor Belt owned by Plymouth Manufacturing. The Solution contained a Listener for the Plymouth Conveyor Belt, a Planner that extracted the belt’s temperature, and a Device Configuration that processed the belt’s temperature and instructed the belt to stop if overheated.