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A Host is a single or collection of compute resources that have been created to manage our IoT application. A Host is the runtime that runs your instance

Host States

Startup Sequence

  • Offline - Host is not allocated, you are not being billed for any compute resources being associated with this host.

  • Deploying - Compute resources are being allocated for this host, as there is confirmation that the host is online, you will start to be billed for this compute resource.

  • Configuring DNS - A process is being executed to create an A DNS Record for the assigned IP address of your host.

  • Deploying Container - Now your host is ready and at this point any containers associated with your host are being downloaded and installed.

  • Starting Container - At this point, your host is completely configured and the instance associated with the container is being started.

  • Running - Your instance is running in the container and the status of the instance will refelect the current status of your runtime.

Server Activities

  • Restarting Host - The compute resouce/operating systems is being restarted.

  • Restarting Container - The container containing the instance is being stopped and started.

Error Conditions

  • Failed Deployment - The compute resource did not get created properly. You will not be charged while the resource is in this state, to restart your host you will need to use the Remove Host feature in the Instance Manager.

  • Failed Health Check - Your server is checked once a minute to ensure it is online and responding, if your server doesn’t response it’s status will be set to Failed Health Check. Note: Although this likely means that the instance is also offline, this check is purely against the host, not your instance.