Standard Fields

IoT App Studio is a tool used to create configurations that make up applications that will run in NuvIoT. This means that you will be entering a lot of data.

Almost all forms that you create will require a minimum of two required fields and one optional field as follows:

  1. Name (required) - This is a textual description that can be used to help identify the item.
    Names are user editable and can be changed at any time. Currently, if you are referencing a component and change the name of the original component, the name in the reference may not be changed. This will be addressed early in 2018.

  2. Key (required) - This is an identifier that will be used internally by the NuvIoT runtime to identify components. See Keys for more details.
    Keys can only be edited by the user when first created. After that, they cannot be edited.

  3. Description - Description is a simple text field that can be used to add documentation to your object.