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Dynamic Fields

For text fields that are sent with your message, you can create a set of Dynamic Fields that can be used to change the content of the messages before they are sent to the server.

On the view that you use to send messages, open an Options dialog where you can replace the default value.

To send a Dynamic Field, create the field with data as shown. In this example, assume that you want to send different temperature values:

Dynamic Attributes Form

  • Name (required)
    Name to identify the field

  • Key (required)
    Unique Key, also the value you will use to replace content in your message

  • Parameter Type (required)
    Selection from standard Parameter Types

  • Default Value (required)
    Default Value that will be sent if it is not customized

  • Description
    Free-form text field for adding a description to your Dynamic Fields


To use the Dynamic Value in your message, simply use the format: ~key~

Referring to the example, if you specified temperature as the key of your Dynamic Field and want to use it in the query string of your message, you might use the following syntax:

Then, if your Default Value as specified is 98.6, the message will be sent as:

Prior to sending the message, you can change the Default Value. If you changed it to 64.8, the message will be sent as:

Standard Fields

In addition to these dynamically declared fields, there are a number of system-defined, or Standard Fields that will be used to replace tags in your message.