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Scripting - Building Output Commands

To build an Output Command, implement an onExecute Function. it will take as a parameter the command you are building as well as any additional parameters. You can add a script by editing the OutputCommand node in the Workflow Canvas.

//  The minimum function is
function onExecute() {

//  Additional parameters can be passed in by the method that initiates sending the command
function onExecute(arg1, arg2) {

To build the actual command, you will need to assign properties to the command. You can only set values that you have defined as part of your Output Command.

In the example below, the Output Command has the following four fields assigned:

  1. messageid

  2. arg1

  3. arg2

  4. temperature

These fields will be made available to the Output Translator to convert them to a native format that can be sent back to the device or external source.

function onExecute(arg1, arg2) {
    let command = OutputCommands.sensoroutput.create() 
    command.messageid = 'msg001';
    command.arg1 = arg1;
    command.arg2 = arg2;
    command.temperature = Attributes.temperature.value;

The items to be assigned to the Output Command can come from different sources. In this case, they are as follows:

  • command.messageid = 'msg001'; is a simple string

  • command.arg1 = arg1; is passed in as a parameter to the onExecute method

  • command.arg2 = arg2; is also passed in as a parameter to the onExecute method

  • command.temperature = Attributes.temperature.value; is an Attribute from the device