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Binary Content

In addition to sending standard Text payloads, you can also build Binary payloads to send with your message.

To add a Binary message, you have three options, and all use the process of adding hex values as text to your message.

Option 1
Use two-character values that represent the hex values that will be sent. The hex alpha characters are case-independent but since they are hex identifiers, they must be A-F.


02 24 03 52 5A 5C 3F 21 04 05

Option 2
Use the standard three or four-character notation such as x34 or 0x34.


x02 x24 x03 x52 x5A x5C x3F x21 x04 x05


0x02 0x24 0x03 0x52 0x5A 0x5C 0x3F 0x21 0x04 0x05

Option 3
Use a continuous stream of hex values. Note that this must always have an even length.