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Working with Device Properties

Properties are values that are created as part of your Device Configuration and are available to your scripts. Device Properties are different from Property Bag values in that they are accessible via an API and through the Device Manager app.

  • Device Properties - Can be thought of as configuration settings that external source can set on the device.

  • Property Bag Values - Are values that you can use within your script to store variables.

To access Device Properties from your script use a common DeviceProperties object within your script. Unfortunately since work flows can be shared across many device configurations you are not guarenteed that the DeviceProperty will exists for a particular DeviceConfiguration. If it does not exists, it will be ignored. Also at the DeviceWorkflow level we don’t know about DeviceConfigurations so we can offer Intellisense as to the properties on the workflow

Here is a sample script that asumes you have defined a Property setpoint on your Device Configuration

function onSet(value) {
    if(DeviceProperties.setPoint) {
       /* ...do something interesting... */