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Parsing from Headers

If your message was sent via REST (HTTP or HTTPS), the headers that were sent with your message will be made available to the parsing algorithm.

Name (required)
Textual name to describe the the path locator.

Key (required)
The key is used as the place holder to extract the field from the path.

Search Location (required)
When parsing from an HTTP header, the value Headers should be selected

Storage Type (required for parsing from messages, not used for Message Id and Device Id Parsing) You will also need to add a Storage Type to identify how this field should be stored.

Header Name (required)
Name of the HTTP header that contains the value.

RegEx Value Selector
Can can provide a regular expression to extract values from the returned value.

Additional Validation Fields
After the message has been parsed there are a number of options that can be used to validate the value, if validation fails, the message will be rejected.